Specialty Insurance

Whether it’s a regular event, occasional package, or unique situation, at Smith Insurance Service we can provide you the right insurance to keep you in the game. Typical examples include:

Liquor Liability (ex: weddings)

If you sell, serve, or assist in the purchase of liquor at your establishment, you need liquor liability insurance from Smith Insurance. If you do not have it, you run the risk of being responsible when someone becomes intoxicated to the point of causing injury to themselves or others. Establishments that can benefit from having this type of coverage include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and taverns.

Special Events Liability (ex: musical concerts)

Also known as Event Liability Insurance, this kind of coverage is designed to protect you, as the event holder. Lawsuits against you that resulted in bodily injury or property damage are covered, and you are not held personally responsible or liable.

Sports and Recreation Liability

Sports and Recreation Liability Insurance protects you against accidents, crime, malfunctioning equipment, and injury in the course of an event. This includes sports tournaments.


If you are giving away a prize for a hole-in-one during a golf tournament, you’re going to need hole-in-one insurance. Prizes such as a large amount of cash or a new car can be given without fear if you pay a small premium to your insurance broker. This is generally based on the number of people playing in your golf tournament, the value of the prize you’d like to give away, and the length of the golf shot you want to insure. 

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