Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the replacement cost and the actual cash value of my property?
Replacement cost coverage pays to replace your home and belongings with materials of “like kind and quality” at current prices. Actual cash-value policies reimburse the depreciated value. We recommend replacement cost coverage to ensure that you are able to fully replace any of your belongings in the event of a loss.

Why didn’t my policy pay for seepage, dry rot, and vermin?
Generally, insurance policies exclude damage caused by seepage, dry rot, or vermin (animal pests). The reasoning behind this exclusion is that these problems are usually the result of an ongoing issue or poor maintenance, not a “sudden and accidental” event.

Does my Insurance policy cover everything in the event of a loss?
Most homeowner policies have special limits of insurance up to a predetermined value on certain types of belongings. Generally, these limits are on money, silverware, bicycles, guns, jewelry, watches, lawnmowers, and computers. The limits usually cover losses of the average person. Discuss with your customer service representative if you are concerned you may exceed these limits.

Is anyone who drives my car covered?
In most cases, yes, as long as they have the permission from the insured to use the vehicle. The insured is the person named on the insurance policy and their spouse if applicable. If the person is someone that frequently or regularly drives your vehicle you should contact your customer service representative to discuss possibly adding them as a driver on your policy. Remember, everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license. For example, if you live with your girlfriend/boyfriend & they use your car they may not be covered if you did not list them on your insurance policy. On the other hand, if you live separately, they could use your car with your permission and be covered.

My teenager just got his license, but I do not allow him to drive my car. Does he need to be insured?
Yes. Every licensed person in your household needs to be listed on your insurance policy, unless they have a completely separate policy of their own. This includes a teenager who just received their license or a college student who still uses your address as their residence and/or visits regularly on weekends, vacations, etc. As always please contact your customer service representative for more information.

Buy why so much?

Think about how cars have changed over the past 5-10 years

  • Lane change sensors
  • Back-up cameras
  • Navigation systems
  • Increased air bag protection
    • Did you know it can cost up to $6000 to replace all the airbags in a car? Very often, the cost of the damage plus the cost of an air bag, can total a vehicle
  • Digital sensing for vehicle problems – tire pressure sensors, maintenance notifications, automated recall notices
  • Ability to read texts on screen
  • Phone pairing
  • Heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel
  • Satellite radio
  • Automatic vehicle parking

Most vehicles have complex computer systems. When you are in an accident, the entire computer system has to be recalibrated when it’s repaired.

Vehicle injury claims have increased in cost (from $47,000 in 2012 to $73,000 in 2017)

What injured victims need is care, not cash. Plaintiff’s counsel pushes for cash for injuries, and their legal bills can take up to 40% of settlement dollars to cover fees and expenses.

Insurance companies and brokers want the system changed so that money is used to help the injured get better. We want to enhance accident benefits coverage so victims can get the care they need without having to part with large sums for legal costs. What good is cash when you are in constant pain?

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