Farm Insurance Coverage

There’s something to be said for a family that wakes up every morning to work the earth. Growing crops and caring for livestock is a tradition that dates back to before our country’s founding – to a time when people grew and raised what they needed to live and looked after each other.

At Smith Insurance Service, we think that tradition carries on – even today. And we want to do our part to preserve and protect it! That is why we offer all types of farmers the best insurance products available today to guarantee that tradition carries on for future generations.

An Edmonton farm that needs farm insurance

The truth is Fort Saskatchewan and the surrounding areas have roots as a rich farming community. Farming continues to be an integral part of our lives here, and whether you own a small hobby farm or a larger commercial operation that means everything to you, your family, and your employees, our agency can provide the insurance coverage you need.

Make sure your equipment is insured. Take a loan. Insure your farm and crops in case of inclement weather or poor harvest. Smith Insurance has access to multiple insurance companies that we can research to cover your own particular needs.