Insurance Partners

Why choose a broker?

Having an insurance broker is like having a top-notch negotiator and a paperwork navigator in your corner. When you work with one from Smith Insurance Service, you get the best price and the best product to suit your lifestyle. When you come into our local office in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, we explain the risk evaluation further to you, the policy plus endorsements, the premium reductions and deductibles, everything.

But the best part is we do not represent just one insurance partner! Our agency makes unbiased recommendations on price then we mix and match (if necessary) to build the best product possible for your unique needs!

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Why choose Smith Insurance Service?

Personal Service

Our agents are here to help you, our valued client, by giving you the personalized service you expect from the best. Personal service means the little things like returning phone calls promptly or big things like providing you with a claims specialist to help you navigate through the process, first handshake to final handshake.


Smith Insurance Service gets you the best price because our experts have been sourcing insurance products for years. You should consider us your own personal insurance shopper!


Because of our size, reputation, and experience in the market, we have access to top underwriters. We know the insurance products inside and out. Smith Insurance is not a bank or a grocery store doing insurance on the side. We are insurance specialists! That’s all we do.

For more information concerning our top-quality insurance partners, or to find out more about what Smith Insurance Service can do for you, please call us at 780-998-2501.